EUROIMPIANTI essentially deals with installation, conduction of technological systems such as: heating, conditioning, ventilation, hydro sanitary and electric, both civil and industrial, designs and installs also all those plants using renewable sources, from solar to photovoltaics, from geothermal to the biomasses.

The company supplies and installs equipment for the transport of medicinal and technical gases in accordance with the technical directives 46/97 CEE and according to existing regulations (UNI EN 737 and the new ISO 7396).

The company makes also pre-assemblation or prefabrication of thermic and/or refrigerated centrals.

The contribution of technicians and workers starts from the planning stage for the identification of customer needs, to the general definition of the plant until you get out of work and to the support (coordination) in the intermediate stages with any other workers in the yard.

Anyone familiar with our company, however, already knows he can count on attention and competence and on the best advices to implement wise and practical choices according to his needs.

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