The EUROIMPIANTI has its headquarters in Ancona and operates in the market of installations and heating and technological systems from 40 years.

The areas of strength have been and still are heating, air conditioning, water, their maintenance and renewable sources (solar, geothermal, biomasses).

Currently the company is able by its operative and technical staff to meet every need and request from their customers.

Currently the company, despite the reached industrial dimensions, retains the distinctive characteristics of its origin: great attention to the work and human and professional investment in people.

For the future we can count on great and inexhaustible resources such as:

  • Constant attention to research and innovation
  • ntegrated and integral management of the works which (coordination)
  • Trading strategy based on the response to the needs of individual customers
  • Commercial offers devoted to the energetic Saving with innovative solutions both of product that of use for the sector (rental and possibility of ransom) and without applying to investments from the client
  • Creativity, skill and accuracy in work.

These are the key points that allow the company to remain in the market and who will rely to EUROIMPIANTI will be surprised to find, even before technicals with proven skill, clear people and reliable interlocutors and tied up offers:

  • to the experience
  • to the saving and optimization of the energetic consumptions, with simple and direct clear systems.
Euroimpianti s.r.l. Via Albertini 36, GROSS Center 60131 Ancona Tel +39 71 4193004 Fax +39 71 4193010 P.I. 00166620427